Monday, June 4, 2012

Advance 2875 Eye Pleasing Sports Separates / ca. 1962

Top of the vintage listings today is:  Advance 2875 Eye Pleasing Sports Separates / ca. 1962 Two different blouses and pants just right for casual summer wear.  For those of us old enough to remember this looks very much like Laura Petrie's (Mary Tyle Moore) styles during the Dick Van Dyke Show.

Still in the casual genre but a decade later is McCall's 4295 Guru Chic Dress or Top and Pants 1974 for both casual day wear and dressy evenings out.  The tunic top looks perfect for summer - in fact a great improvement IMO would be to make the dress sleeveless.  Voila - just right for summer.

Back in decades a true 40's housewife style is this dress with nicely sized pockets:

Had a lovely weekend with some friends from So California.  They are friends we go camping with at Glamis too but this time we boated at the river.  Set up our camp on a sandbar and kicked back.  They did some water skiing but I kept relaxing in the shade and dipping in the water on and off to keep cool (it was about 110).  Will post some pics tomorrow.  They are on my husband's computer and I don't feel like tackling that - grin.

Check out this delicious dress especially the top version with the edgy neckline:  Marian Martin 9364 Wolf Whistle Sheath Dress 1964 and
definitely the top one is the  highlight.  The lower one is nice but a bit plain -  the top one just shines.

Last but not least of the vintage patterns is this rare beauty:  Marian Martin 9937 Winning Depression Era Dress 1930's

Found a number of rare newer blouse patterns lately that are exceptionally lovely:
Tried to put in a number of summery patterns too many to put in right now as I still have to get some mail out today - grin.  Here is a link to those patterns that are just right for summer:   Summery Patterns

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