Friday, April 12, 2013



20% off all orders from now until Sunday midnight.

Here's your chance to get some summer clothes ready just before the warm weather sets in.  Cool clothes can be easily found on my site by putting different keywords in like - Summer.  If you only want to see shorts put in the keyword shortonly for only shorts!  For blouses only use the keyword toponly and that's all that will show up.  The same for pants use panonly or skirts use skonly.  Looking for only a vest - vestonly, or a jacket use jkonly, coat is coatonly.  I need to do a link on my site with all the variable words I use to make finding something easier.  When you go into a particular pattern you might want to check out the links I provide in the main description to find similar clothes.

Here are some other keywords I use to direct you to exactly what you want:  For Size 18 and bigger put in: plus size.  Looking for a business suit put in: suit or pantsuit.  Anything sleeveless just use that word.  If you are looking for a particular era put in the first three  numbers and then a * - i.e., 198* for the 1980's.  On occasion a pattern with starting number of 198 will show up but for the most part it will only be for the 80's.  So you can put in: toponly 198* or Vogue suit 198* and voila!  For new new patterns use the codeword 2thousand for 2010 and newer.  I'm sure I will post this and think of more LOL.  Just experiment and see what comes up!

FOR THE SALE JUST USE COUPON CODE SUMMERFUN during checkout to get your discount.  The sale will end Sunday night at midnight.

As always paid orders go out Monday or Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy shopping.


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