Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Simplicity 7166 Washington Hostess Dress or Top & Wrap Skirt 1975

After working all weekend and half of Monday on taxes (I actually had my head in the oven at one point with the gas turned on LOL - just kidding!) I ended up mailing two requests for extensions with a letter begging for more time.  After being charged $4800 by my accountant last year I decided to do it myself and follow last year's guidelines.  Most of it was a piece of cake but a few items have me stumped.  Does anyone know a good "question & answer" site for tax stuff?

Got some new listings in today but the bulk are relists.  My timing is off with all the tax work.  But some really nice new 70's ones put in today.

My favorite listing today is one I had last year and glad it's back in stock:  Simplicity 7166 Washington Hostess Dress or Top & Wrap Skirt 1975 and there are two in Size 14 and Size 16.  Such a knockout elegant outfit!

I seem to recall a while back having a pattern that used the term "Jams" for shorts.  Found this and had to do a Google search to figure out what the heck it was:  McCall's 2404 Men's Jams & Jacket 1970.  This might be 40+ years old but still in fashion!

This outfit is just plain pretty!  McCall's 3291 Shapely Knit Top & Skirt 1972

Another beauty that I have two sizes of:  McCall's 3235 Pretty as a Picture Dress 1972.  I am fond of that long version with the turtleneck.  I put the keyword "modest" in even though it is knit and could be figure hugging.  It doesn't have to be tight though to be flattering.

If you're into western clothes this shirt is the bomb:  Simplicity 9923 Misses' Nashille Chic Shirt 1972.  These came in Misses' and men's sizes but the three I have are all for ladies.  There was a country western bar near where I used to live (30+ years ago) called Nashville West.  I can remember going there with some friends after riding our horses that day.  Because I'm not a western clothes fan for myself I just had regular clothes on.  A very tuned up guy, all decked out in western shirt, levis, cowboy boots and cowboy hat, came up to me and started chatting.  When I remarked that I had a horse he was so shocked.  He asked me "Do you really have a horse?" I asked him that question back and he said no.  I thought it was funny - everyone practically but me was in western clothes and this guy who wanted to look like a cowboy didn't even have a horse bwahaahaa.  Okay guess you had to be there - grin.

Sadly, though it was a fun place to go it got very tainted when a guy went there and killed his wife in the parking lot.  I was working for a law firm representing the man's wife and they had come into our office for a meeting to talk about property division.  Myself and another secretary had to separate them from an altercation and I had such a bad feeling about it.  That same night he killed his wife.  I never went back.

I have a couple of lovely "shift" style dress that will be perfect for summer:  Simplicity 8882 Shining Dress with Three Neckline 1970

and this Simplicity 9221 Just Perfect Jiffy Dress 1970  and both are quick and easy.

I acquired more of this Simplicity 5101 Tom Jones' Tunic & Pants 1972 so if the one I listed last week didn't fit there are more of this gem!

Man oh man love this coat! Ignore the pants - just feast your eyes on this awesome coat.  I only have it in Junior Miss sizes boo hoo but if you are tiny it would work.  McCall's 2054 Undercover Spy Coat & Pantsuit 1969

Lots more newer ones but I'm running out of time today so you have to click to look!


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