Monday, April 8, 2013

McCall's 3206 Haute Halter Dress or Tunic & Pants 1972

I have finally "made" my first batch of yogurt.  It's in the holding pattern right now.  It should be done between 4 and 6 today.   I will let you know how it turns out.  Very excited!  I used as my "starter" a greek plain yogurt that is my favorite.

Starting out today with this smokin' halter dress:  McCall's 3206 Haute Halter Dress or Tunic & Pants 1972.  Very rare pattern.  What a winner.

This next one is a dual pattern.  Depending on sizing it's for a man or woman.  I have one misses' size and the rest are for men.  Love the pants!  Simplicity 9991 Men's Top & Hip Hugger Bell Bottom Pants 1972

I REALLY REALLY like this wrap dress!  Butterick 3892 Most Becoming Wrap Dress 1970's.  It's a Size 20 which is nice to have a larger size in a great retro pattern.

Nice classy dress with a low waist.  McCall's 3367 Cheery Dress & Tie 1972 
A dress that at first glance seems lovely but blah.  But a little trim and then the evening length and it is pure class.  McCall's 3417 Prettily Trimmed Princess Dress 1972 
This is a pretty neat pattern - a strapless wrap dress OR skirt. 
What a fun wrap retro! Not alot of these out there so grab it quick if it blows your skirt up. Simplicity 5449 Housewife's One-Piece Wrap Around Dress 1964 
Simplicity 9825 Dainty Wedding or Bridesmaid Dress & Scarf 1971 - this reminds me of seeing many weddings down at Mono Lake Park as there were and are lots of "hippies" in that rural area.

Remember Hot Dog on a Stick???  I think they still wear the goofy hats and this just reminds me of that.  Mmmm - getting hungry.  McCall's 8254 Quirky Hat Wardrobe 1966
Another summer hit coming your way:  Pauloa Designer Pattern 2105 Thrilling Tahitian Pareau 1970's - very rare and multi-sized 6 to 16.

If you look up the word "ethereal" in the dictionary I swear there is a picture of this skirt:  Vogue 2933 Woodlands Faerie Skirt & Pouch 2006
Just a great looking blouse!  Vogue 7639 Dainty Dart Fitted Blouse 2002
Versatile and multi-sized too!  Simplicity 2901 Summer Stroll Dress & Bag 2008 
Amazing pattern and very rare too!  That "coat" looks more like a jacket to me and a flared "swing" look to it.  Hmmm - not sure if faux fur would work for a swing jacket?  Simplicity 3926 Faux Fur Coat, Boot Covers & Dog Coat 2006 
This one rocks my boat - not sure the jacket "fits" with the dress but that dress fits like a glove! Vogue 8318 Fashionista Jacket & Dress 2006 
Edgy Artsy Bohemian all wrapped in one. Vogue 8434 Flyaway Wrap Top, Tunic, Skirt & Pants 2007

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