Friday, April 19, 2013

McCall's 3250 Fancy Free Blouse & Skirt 1972

Please pray for the victims of the Boston terrorist attack.  That young police officer that was killed last night for some reason just broke my heart.  I think it's because my sister's husband was a security guard who was killed during an attempted robbery and he was just 28 years old.  This was 30 years ago but seems still like yesterday.  I know first hand what his family and loved ones are feeling.  Pray too that no more people have to die at the hands of the remaining monster.

So much sorrow this week - but have to tear myself away from the news and get back to work.

This style just couldn't be cuter - McCall's 3250 Fancy Free Blouse & Skirt 1972.  I just adore this one and it's a very hard to find pattern. It reeks of hippie summer.  The drawstring waistline and neckline are so great too.

Oh add this to my summer list too starting with the previous honorable mention.  McCall's 3257 Romantic Gypsy Blouse & Skirt 1972.   The huge amount of 70's patterns I got had some with multiples in varying sizes.  Sadly these two only had one.  Dang!  These two styles are just so happy go lucky looking!

Oh oh oh sure wish I was 40 years young with a flat tummy to wear this one LOL.  McCall's 3229 Belly Baring Stretchy Top 1972.  So totally young at heart for a young woman on a hot summer day.

Lucky me or lucky you there are two sizes for this McCall's 3364 Yummy Dress or Tunic & Pants 1972 with attractive V-yoke.  It's a bit of a demure look but still trendy.

Another western clothes pattern with two sizes to choose from Simplicity 5162 Flattering Body Fitting Shirt 1972.  It's not stretchy fabric it just is form fitting.  This was a multi-use pattern that came in men's and misses' sizes.  The two I have are ladies' sizes.

My favorite newer listing is this Butterick 5052 Cutting Edge Vest & Skirt 2007 and it comes in all sizes XS to XL.  Definitely a bold and edgy style.

Here's a versatile make it your way dress -


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