Friday, April 5, 2013

Woman's Day 5071 Timeless Two-In-One Dress 1950's

Hope you all enjoyed the sale and Easter too.  We had a lovely Easter with a heartwarming service at First Christian Church.  My mother-in-law dropped off an "Easter Basket" with muffins, bread  & candy.  Oh thanks a bunch LOL.  It's all gone of course.  Dang - I had to share it with my husband too.

Late Sunday thru even today had the flu.  I didn't leave my bed on Monday at all and no listing.  Tuesday dragged my butt out of bed and did the mail and a few listings.  I hate getting behind.  Relapse on Wednesday. Sigh.

I'll list here some of the ones from this week mixing up the old and new:

I couldn't love this one any more!  Woman's Day 5071 Timeless Two-In-One Dress 1950's

Where do I begin to rave about this one?  Vogue 8158 Garden Party Pleated Skirt 2005

Groovy number of men's patterns this week to - Butterick 6095 Men's Shirt & Pants / ca. 1970's

I have a whole bunch in differing sizes of this Simplicity 5462 Delightful Wedding or Bridesmaid Dress 1972

The perfect summer outfit - vacation at the beach!  Simplicity 8342 Day at the Beach Skirt or Top or Bag 1977


More for your vacation! Birch Street Clothing / Ocean Cruise Wrap Pants 2001


This might be my favorite of this week:  McCall's 2728 Angelic Blouse, Skirt & Pants With Hat 1971


I have always been a huge Raggedy Ann & Andy Fan.  Check out the pockets and the little handbag!  McCall's 4368 Raggedy Ann Pocketed Skirt & Bag + Transfer 1970's 

This pattern came in both a Misses' and a Men's project.  The ones I have are only for ladies.  Simplicity 5043 Misses' Dashiki Dress 1972 

I had no clue how rare this next one is - only a few out there and wow they are pricey.  Simplicity 6218 Hypnotic One-Piece Dress 1965


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