Monday, March 28, 2011

McCall 6796 Eye Popping Oversized Coat 1947

McCall 6796 Eye Popping Oversized Coat 1947 an early spring listing but if you are looking toward next winter you'll be the fanciest and most chic wearer of this next winter.  1940's Coat Patterns with those big Joan Crawford shoulders are so stylish - do you have to be tall to make them look right?  I swear I'd look square ---

The weekend camping trip was too windy so instead of riding or walking I stayed inside and scanned pictures for this week and went thru some oldies to confirm all the pattern pieces are there.  Read one entire book and started another, napped, snuggled with the kitties.  It was heaven.  No matter how determined we are on the weekend to read or rest there's always something to do.  Being stuck in the middle of the desert forces inactivity during poor weather.

Great looking suit for the featured new:  Burda 8587 Offset Buttoned Jacket & Skirt 2000's - though it features a plus size model this pattern is a multi-size from small to large.

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