Thursday, March 17, 2011

Woman's Day 5066 Button -Together Blouse, Halter, Skirt & Apron 1950's

Here's the Friday sale info - Buy any one pattern that features a DRESS and get 20% off your entire order.  This includes any combo patterns that have a dress included.  If a pattern says "Dress" anywhere it fits!  Your coupon code will be DRESS.  Sale starts at Midnight and ends Midnight Friday.  Make out your list now!

Featured vintage pattern is one I actually featured in 2009 and which sold quickly:  Woman's Day 5066 Button -Together Blouse, Halter, Skirt & Apron 1950's a super hard to find pattern.  The envelope is very ratty but except for one pattern piece which has a tear at a fold it's in ready to use condition!  Even that one piece won't hold you back.   Note the mop and laundry basket.  Would they be considered sexist today?  Oh who cares LOL - it's a fun vision from "the past" ....

I am a bad bad "mother" - while putting patterns in this morning I heard a little kitty cry and looked around and didn't see anyone.  Then I happened to look out the window and Pugsley (my boy kitty) had his face pressed to the screen looking rather panicky.  WTH?  I went out and gathered him up and he was covered with stickers & leaves and was just a mess.  Couldn't figure out how he had gotten out - checked all the windows no loose screens and I hadn't been "outside" today at all and I knew he hadn't gotten out when my husband left as the door was closed.  When my husband called at lunchtime he told me he had gone out to the garage last night and because he was "just a minute" he'd left the door ajar.  OMG - my poor baby was out all night.  How the heck did I not notice he was MIA last night?  He's my foot baby so how did I miss his lump at the end of the bed?  He must have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as he is still looking rather shaky.  Extra hugs happening for sure - thank God he hadn't strayed.

Featured new is:  Simplicity 9398 Willowy Dress with Flounce 2000 - it can have a plain hem or a flounce.  Sheer sleeves are an option too so picking out fabric for this one will be fun.  I was lucky to have gotten two of these -

The last weekend of the month I'll be having a 4 day big sale as we will be going camping in the sand dunes for the last time this season.  Mark it on your calendar!  March 24th thru 27th.

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