Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spadea 38 Partygoer Dress Daringly Low in Back 1963

Spadea 38 Partygoer Dress Daringly Low in Back 1963 too hot to handle!  Super sixties' bombshell dress.  I've acquired a number of Spadea Catalogs that are pretty awesome and I'll be putting more in soon.  Great for reference or making out that "wish list" -

That big lot I wrote about the other day had some fabulous Butterick Retro patterns and I was amazed to see a re-issue of a 1956 pattern that I have listed and I believe was a featured vintage pattern.  Butterick 7649

So as the featured new I will use the "new" reissue: 
Butterick 6632 Fashionista Dress & Coat Set 2000 which I have in several sizes luckily!  It is so interesting to me that these older re-issued Butterick Retro Patterns have become so hard to find and pricey.

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