Monday, March 7, 2011

Simplicity 1811 Amazing Five-Way Housecoat & Housedress / ca. 1957

Simplicity 1811 Amazing Five-Way Housecoat & Housedress / ca. 1957 with unique variations.  Love it!  Can it be used as a dress too?  I'd say yes.

The car show turned out to be so fun.  Both concert nites also turned out better than expected especially Saturday night.  It started out with a Beatles tribute band that was wonderful.  They had the voices, looks, inflections perfect.  If I closed my eyes it was the Beatles.  I didn't realize I still remembered all the words to all the songs.  The big crowd of all ages enjoyed it tremendously.  The featured act was Johnny Rivers of "Secret Agent Man" fame from the 1960's.  Had my doubts but the minute he started he rocked the place.  His voice was perfect, the guitar awesome, keyboard the best!  For being in his late 60's he sounded just amazing.  He had a nice selection of his own works and some of his contemporary R&B and Rock music hits.  Age hits hard though - totally worn out from two long days and late nights.  Just can't do it like I used to.  Dragging butt today.

Thanks to Nancy for the Taco Soup recipe which I am doing today.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

Featured new:  Simplicity 9214 Hot Workout Tank Top, Shorts & Skirt 2000 sized for stretch knits only.  Some nice variables and mix and match items!

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nancyc20 said...

How cute is that green one with the bow in the back!!! ADORABLE! I'm making the taco soup recipie today too. I'm cutting it in half (hubbs is with his dad) so I don't have to eat it 16 times. :)

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Oh that taco soup was so yummy! I cut the recipe in 1/2 and put in Rotel instead of just plain diced tomatoes so it was a kicker! Still have enough to eat again tonite -