Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New York Pattern 1229 "Smartly Styled" Dress 1940's

20% OFF SALE Starts at midnight tonite and goes until midnight Sunday.  Your coupon code is SEWLOVE.  Put code in during checkout for your discount and have fun shopping!  We are going camping at Glamis and I'm bringing my metal detector again.  A long way to go before it pays for itself - I found $1.12 last trip hee hee.  My buddy Kim can't come this trip so I'll have to keep myself busy - if you're reading this Kim prayers coming your way for a safe and quick surgery recovery.
New York Pattern 1229 "Smartly Styled" Dress 1940's which is so "neat" - a fashion for a shirtdress fashionista. Some shirtdress patterns are the classic look we are all familiar with.  This one adds a few details to make it zing - dolman sleeved or short cuffed sleeves and pointy collar in contrast fabric.  You can't go wrong having a shirtdress in your closet!

Another "shout out" to Nancy for giving me a website I will be visiting daily and keeping a kleenex box handy while I'm there.  The Itty Bitty Committee.

Featured new I have in several sizes - one already sold early today! 

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