Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Simplicity 3483 Exceptional Misses' Tailored Dress 1940

Oh my - Tuesday was a "lost day."  A morning doctor appointment forgotten until I saw I had a message on my phone which was a reminder call from the doctor.  Set the land speed record for getting ready and driving there.  Then I sat for an hour hee hee.  Being a patient person (most of the time) I played games on my phone and caught up on the Hollywood gossip (People magazines theirs not mine).  Took advantage of being "in town" and hit the thrift stores.  Found almost 50 great patterns along with some old knit and crochet books, and some summer tops for me.  Also got  a few things I will take pics of and put on the Thrift Collective site.  My find of the day was surely a bobble head cat in lime green with wild colors that is a toothbrush holder.  Get Outta Here!  It now sits in "my" bathroom as a centerpiece of cute but tacky.  Topped the day off by taking my husband (who works in town) to a sushi dinner.  Only able to have one "container" of hot sake - darn.  Getting a DUI is not on my Bucket List.

Tomorrow's listing and posting I expect will be late too so don't set the alarm too early to check it - yeah right LOL. 

To make up for missing yesterday I put in a bunch more "oldies" - and the featured pattern was hard to pick.  It was between 4 of them.  Finally opted for:  Simplicity 3483 Exceptional Misses' Tailored Dress 1940 (it actually has the date inscribed on the envelope) because I love View 1 with the four little V-pockets.  It also has a lovely great waistline and then those soft pleats finish off the dress.  This dress has absolutely everything going for it.  Short or long sleeved.  Collar or no collar.  Pockets or no pockets.

Nancy I didn't forget the links you gave me.  I had planned on going thru everything last night but .... so as soon as I peruse them I will post and they look great and I believe you will find them both interesting and useful.  Nancy never disappoints!

The featured new is certainly IMO "age specific" - grin.  But if you can carry this off or have a friend or daughter who can woo hoo!  Burda 8313 Discotheque Sexy Tops 2000's and can you see the strobe lights from the Disco Ball?

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