Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simplicity 9246 Kimono Sleeved Caftan - Magnificent! 1979

Don't forget the Friday Sale!  Starting at midnight 20% off your entire order if you buy any one new 2000 era pattern.  Your coupon code is NEW2000.

Simplicity 9246 Kimono Sleeved Caftan - Magnificent! 1979 just the coolest hang around the house caftan.  Avoid that muumuu and put this on instead.  Surprisingly I don't have alot of Caftan Patterns - not sure why because they are very popular and there should be more out there to find.

The carpet turned out awesome.  I still have to put everything back (except that heavy coffee table which will wait until husband gets home).  

We are going to house 4 to 6 seminary students (boys) from 18 to 21 years old this weekend.  They are in a choir and going to perform at the church.  We have our 5th wheel set up for them.  Oh this should be both fun and interesting LOL - I'm used to young men who are rowdy (our friends and "Rent a Kids" from our camping trips).  
Had an awwwwwww moment last night when I saw the kitties enjoying the fresh night air by the front door.  Little Girl had her head laying on a ceramic cat (moved off the carpet due to cleaning) and Fat Boy was staring out the screen door.  I took a quick picture thinking when I got close she would move.  Luckily she didn't and I got a close-up of her.   I mean is that cute or what!

Featured new is:  McCall's 6034 Tunic Top with Yummy Variations 2010 with a sort of "ruched" look to one style.  All the styles are truly yummy.  I always visualize how something will look with a pair of jeans and this comes out an A+ meaning it dresses up those casual jeans.

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awwwwwwwww...what a sweetie pie!