Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This jewel was hidden in the bottom of a box - Laura Wheeler 110 Irresitible Hostess Apron + Transfer 1937. When I researched it I didn't find any others on the internet but there was an "advertisement" page from a 1937 newspaper or magazine which I printed out and is included. This apron purposely omitted the shoulder straps and band because "they are straight strips." This pattern is truly a treasure!

Send me pictures of your favorite aprons and I'll post them for all to see!

Some of the nicest and of course the most expensive patterns are Vogue Sewing Patterns - I am redoing the way they are listed. Check it out:

http://risingfeenix.com/vogue_sewing_patterns I also found a ton of newish 80's and 90's uncut vogue sewing patterns and will be listing them soon!

Today's listings and there are a bunch of old beauties:

1940's Sewing Patterns

1950's Sewing Patterns

1960's Sewing Patterns

1970's Sewing Patterns

1980's Sewing Patterns

1990's Sewing Patterns

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