Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This dress blows my skirt up! Mail Order 3434 Retro Trophy Wife Pattern 1960's that looks straight out of Mad Men with a trophy wife who is tipsy while waiting for her husband to get home from work - sloshing too many martinis. I mean didn't all wives in the 60's dress like this every day? Thankfully those days are GONE!

My Favorite TV Shows: Eureka and Warehouse 13 on the Syfy channel. Eureka is a charming and clever "feel good" show. Warehouse 13 is another clever and funny show with a twist. With all that's going on in our world these are my escape when I can't watch the news anymore. What is your TV show favorite escape?

One of my favorite pattern makers are New Look - the 1980's before they were absorbed into Simplicity were the best. New Look Patterns were very feisty in styling - bold - unique. I've created a link here for you to check out New Look Sewing Patterns - so if you haven't checked them out before take a look!

Oh wait even more than the New Look Patterns are the Style Patterns. They are awesome. They are the perfect name - Style - check out the Style Sewing Patterns here.


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