Monday, August 31, 2009

Great find here! Woman's Day 5066 Button-Together Blouse, Halter, Skirt & Apron 1950's a very rare pattern. A retro housewife fashion for sure.

We all get emails of a dubious nature - proclaiming statements by people, or events that seem overblown. Well I found a great site that confirms or debunks urban myths and emails - and have used it alot. I never want to pass on an interesting email fact without confirming it. Check it out - it's a bit of a hassle with pop-ups but worth it.

Vintage Hollywood Sewing Patterns are very sought after and collectible. I've spent some time redoing my listings and ask for any and all opinions - Hollywood Sewing Patterns oh and also worked on Marian Martin Sewing patterns as well. Marian Martin patterns have run the gamut from 1940's (or even earlier) thru the 1970's

Retro 1940's Patterns - Listed Today

Retro 1950's Patterns - Listed Today

Retro 1960's Patterns - Listed Today

Retro 1970's Patterns - Listed Today

1980's Sewing Patterns - Listed Today

1990's Sewing Patterns - Listed Today

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