Saturday, August 15, 2009

This dress shouts "snob" - a slight nose in the air and she's just not looking at anyone who isn't someone. But who can resist? V-slits in sleeves and bodice of dress. Mail Order 9341 Wonderful White House Dress - Wow Bodice! 1960's

Well it's Saturday and this is it for me - got my patterns ready last night and they are up already. Today we are going out on the motorcycle (it's been 110-115 degrees lately but who's checking) for a benefit ride (a short one thank the Lord) for the Boys & Girl's Club of Yuma. We start at the LZ Harley Dealer (though we have a Kawasaki they will condescend to let us sign in LOL) and then ride to some different bars and there will be raffles etc. As hot as it is I imagine more water than beer will be consumed. Then we end up at Parrish's restaurant for lunch and more raffles. Price of burger & fries & beverage included with entry.

Wish me luck in not getting heat stroke!

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