Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Apologies for being so late in posting and the meager listing for today.  That stray momma kitty that I was thinking of keeping started showing signs of an upper respiratory virus or feline leukemia and my plans to have her fixed, inoculated and keep her came to an end.  So worried she would contaminate my old kitties.  So I had to take her to the Humane Society today.  It was heartbreaking.  Weather is getting nicer and nicer and open doors and airborne virus' too risky.  Damn people who abandon their pets.  We have a ton of feral cats around we need to trap and turn in too.  So painful.

Can't take my eyes off this McCall's 5816 Head Turner Dress with Two Skirts 1961 - check out the waist.  Gives a small waist a refined look.  A little bit of Marilyn in that tight dress.
Featured new is a bit boring but so useful.
  McCall's 3238 Casual to Career Shirt-Jacket, Top & Pants 2001 still useable in the end of summer.

I promise to list alot more tomorrow!

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