Friday, September 3, 2010

Home at last!  We got home late on the 1st and yesterday was packing away like a mad weasel so all the orders went out yesterday.  Whew.  What a fantastic trip - nothing is more beautiful than walking the "Mall" after dark seeing the Lincoln Memorial on one end, the Washington Monument in the middle and the White House on the other end.  Breathtaking.  For some reason the thing that touched me the most was the Washington Monument.  One word comes to mind - immense.  Truly a dream come true trip.

Simplicity 2884 Dazzling Sunback Dress & Bolero / ca. 1949 a scarce plus size oldie.  It's still summer - except for some of the East coast thanks to Earl - if this strikes your fancy.

A huge box of 70+ Forties and Fifties patterns was waiting for me when I got home.  Just a glance at them made me faint.  Can't wait to start checking for completeness.

Not much news - being away has it's drawbacks!  Oh oh oh - I will be listing every day including the weekend to bring my stock back up as the sale went so well!  So check in daily for the newbies.

Featured newer pattern:  Butterick 3914 Sweet Hoodie Nightgown & Pajamas 1980's to get you in the mood for the coming cool weather. 

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