Thursday, September 23, 2010

Starting at Midnight tonite (Yuma AZ time!) 20% off your entire order if you buy ONE pattern which features a Misses' or Junior Miss blouse, shirt or top only (you can search for single top items by putting into your search TOPONLY and voila only tops are shown).  Your coupon code will be TOPTOP and happy shopping!  Sale ends midnight Friday.

Ladies' Home Journal 2025 Lilly Dache Magnificent Beret Hat 1943 with a complementary Ladies' Home Journal 2026 Lilly Dache Handbag Pattern 1943 which though they have the exact same, separate, picture is the bag pattern only.  This is not a beret it is a giant mushroom which has attached itself to her head.  It will take a special lady with a special outfit to pull this puppy off!

Simplicity 4405 Dashing Jacket, Skirt & Pants 2005 is the new featured pattern.  Skirt and pants are "eh" but the jacket is a keeper.

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