Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Sales - No Your Eyes Aren't Blurred - Two Sales! 
Good morning!  Okay here is the coupon code that will activate at midnight tonite thru Sunday nite for 20% off your entire order if you buy at least one single skirt pattern: put coupon code SKONLY in during checkout for your discount!

I am also going to have a regular sale for all customers with 15% off starting tomorrow morning for them but if you don't find a skirt you want then you can use coupon code FALLTIME for that 15% discount starting RIGHT NOW!  I am starting the sale today for you readers and will put a newsletter out tomorrow for everyone else!  Shop away!

McCall's 5325 White House Evening Dress & Stole 1960 a dream come true ball gown fit for Cinderella.  I'm always sad when the envelope are so discolored from age and wear.  They just don't scan very well.

For your winter needs:  Butterick 4099 Oversized "Cape" Coat 1995  not only pretty but easy too.  Need a coat for winter?  If this one doesn't blow your skirt up maybe these will:  Coat Patterns

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