Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekly Sale Notice!  I will be putting a sale in each week on Friday only for you readers.  It will be different each week.  The savings amounts will differ and the requirements will differ.  I.E. 20% off if you buy one of a particular pattern (i.e., 1980's) etc.  I will put the info in on my Thursday blog so you can start off your Fridays with a bang!  So check in tomorrow!

Simplicity 8391 Distinguished Dress & Detachable Collar, Cuffs & Bow / Early 1950's one of those patterns that makes me so sad that the envelope is pathetic but then I look inside and bingo it's uncut!  The dress on the right with the bow inset trim makes my eyes water it is so lovely.

Not rare or hard to find but so attractive:  Simplicity 2659 Dress or Tunic, Cropped Pants or Shorts & Bolero 2009 with cute little tucks on each side of the bodice.  What a cutie.

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