Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spadea NA-2031-1 High Class Contrast Fabric Dress 1968 by designer Harvey Berin.  Very smart styling.  Unique too with that contrast front that extends over the shoulders.  I picture a deep dark blue with white contrast.  Wow.

McCall's 2430 Ruffle Necked Dress - The Cat's Meow! 1986 that I sure wish I had in more normal sizing.  This is a size 6 so if you are tiny lucky you!  But it's so rare and when I researched I swore I would buy any I found but didn't find any.  Darn.

My friend at ML Originals is making eco-friendly shopping bags!  I've already put in my request for horses and cats - grin.  They are not just for carrying but have an over the shoulder strap too.  I'm gonna get me at least one when she puts up some more.  Her first one is right here:  ML Originals Eco Friendly Bags

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