Wednesday, September 8, 2010

McCall's 5843 Well Dressed Woman's Dress with Two Skirts 1961 another from that large lot I got last week.  So busy listing I haven't had a chance to go thru all of them but this caught my eye. 
Lucky Nancy snagged that huge skirt from Advance but lucky me found another to replace it!  So if you missed it there is one more:  Advance 2866 Huge Skirt with Big Deep Pockets / ca. 1962 
Looking to keep up on the latest fashion?  Fashion News keeps you "with it" - me - I'll take the 60's on back.  But then again doesn't the best of the past get recycled?  I'm getting old enough to see something new and say to myself "I used to wear that back when"
Literally a featured new is McCall's 6132 Creative Aprons for Cat & Fashion Lovers 2010 and it's taking all my restraint not to hang on to one of these for me. 

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