Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friday 20% off Sale will be:  Buy one Vogue pattern and get 20% off entire order!  So make out your wish list!

McCall's 2366 Darling Darted "T" Dress 1970 which is "recommended for knits" and of course that's the only thing to make it with.  I'm usually a collar gal but that middle one rocks my boat. 

Halloween used to be so fun but - Sadly we live in a neighborhood with no small children and since we moved here we haven't gotten any trick or treaters.  When we lived in Mono City there would be vanloads of kids "bussed" in from Lee Vining and with everyone knowing everyone it was so special.  I miss that!  So all of you out there enjoy all the kiddies and count your blessings!

Vogue 8574 Head Snapper Dress 2009 - this dress has everything going for it except the weather.  But throw a coat over it and wear it to that Christmas or New Year's party!

Because Christmas is looming I'm going to throw in an extra category for gift ideas.   McCall's 7288 All Ages Fashion Accessories 1994 with Duffle Bags, Backpacks, Fanny Pack, Garment Bag and Activity Bag.  I especially like the fanny pack which is a staple for shopping being able to use both hands!  Duffle bags personalized for your high schooler or for sporting activities so useful too.

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