Thursday, October 28, 2010

Okay Coupon Code for sale 20% off starting tonight at midnight thru Friday night Midnight is : VOGUE.  All you need to do is buy one Vogue and then the rest of your order is included in the sale.  Got your list ready?

Simplicity 6748 Top of the Line Coat, Jacket, Skirt & Blouse 1966 a smart outfit in every way.  I especially like the "overblouse" looking blouse with the shaped bottom. 

 I came across about 20 1980's Vogue patterns that had xeroxed copies of the front and back of the envelope and no original envelopes.  Dang.  But at least all the info is there.  I'm researching and looking for good listing pics and some in today and more tomorrow.

Featured New:  Vogue 2093 Hip Swinging Jacket & Skirt 1988 a va va voom look.  Still looking for that New Year's Party Outfit?  Look no more.

Gift Idea Pattern:  This little girl's pattern is so pretty!  Not a "crafty" gift idea but if you're looking to make something girly for a daughter or grand-daughter this might fit the bill:   Simplicity 3978 Sweetie Pie Dress, Coat & Purse 2006

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