Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A lady I bought some patterns from the other day stuck this catalog in with a note saying she hoped I would like it.  Like it - I love it!  Researched all over and couldn't find any other catalogs much less patterns from Lily.  The patterns shown are dreamy and would be great for you creative sewers to replicate or even search to find.

Had a very fun camping trip.  The first few days were hotter than I wanted at about 100 degrees but the last two were in the 80's and with a mild wind.  Had an adventure the first night.  We are all sitting around a campfire when we see and hear a helicopter flying low with it's spotlight on searching the dunes by our camp.  This goes on for almost an hour and it's all around us.  Then it comes closer, closer, closer and lands just far enough from us that we aren't dusted out.  Wow.   A Border Patrol Agent met us half way (of course we all jumped up and ran toward it - grin) and asked if we had seen or heard an airplane land in the dunes.  That was a firm no from us all.  He said that the military had a "blip" appear and then seem to land in our area and of course they first thought it was a drug drop since we are just across the border from Mexico.  And of course this kind of stuff happens alot.  They took off and we were all kind of alarmed all night but all was quiet.  God Bless our Border Agents!

Featured new:  Butterick 3916 Smashing Jacket, Top & Pants 2003 and check out that jacket!  A pretty dark wool would be so jiggy.  With a pair of jeans and boots.

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