Monday, October 4, 2010

Vogue 5109 Soft Designer Hat with Gathered Crown 1960 which would make a nice cool weather headwarmer.  This pattern came with a fun snippet of cloth that someone used to make one of these hats. It must have been quite something!  Melodee from ML Designs had a great link she shared How to Wear a Hat that gives some great tips.

Fall is here.  I envy those of you who have a change of season and the fall colors.  Cactus doesn't change color unless it dies.  Here in AZ we get ready for winter by putting away our shorts and flip flops and switching to tennis shoes and long pants and maybe a lightweight jacket.

In keeping with getting ready for winter or at least cooler weather I'll be having a sale this Friday for patterns which feature Jackets only.  If you are looking for a jacket whether it's for warm weather or office here's a link so you can get your list together for the 20% off sale this Friday.  Jacket Patterns

Featured new:  Butterick 4098 Winter Delight Jacket & Coat 1995 very oversized and comfy looking!

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