Friday, October 8, 2010

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Hollywood 1680 Masterpiece Depression Era Coat / ca. 1938 - I had another of these some time ago and happened across this one.  It is so rare I'm shocked to find another one.  And this one is in factory folds! Lucky me!

I've gotten stuck on the Suite 101 site in their "sewing" section lately.  This is a site that has articles from freelance writers on every subject you can think of.  The internet continues to amaze me with the opportunities out there.  Anyway here is the link for the sewing section of this site (skip the first part with ads and go toward the bottom for the list of articles):  Suite 101

What's not to love about this Simplicity 6697 Sassy Surplice Bodice Dress 2007?  It doesn't "say" that it's a "wrap" skirt but it does look like it is a mock wrap and totally lovely.

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