Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No oldie patterns today - having fits with my scanner.  Grrrrrrr!  My old printer's drum went out and the newer one just doesn't do the quality I want.  It distorts colors and exaggerates colors.  Especially the discolored oldies.  So my husband is on a quest to find just the right settings to make things "just so" -

So I'll just put in my cutest new pattern!   Butterick 5302 Four Fun Aprons 2008 which would make a very nice Christmas gift for anyone of any age.

A friend sent me a very awesome link this morning.  It has a U.S. map with every newspaper (or just about) headline available for the clicking.  I clicked on the Yuma link and there was today's headlines!  I have put it into my NEWS links.  It is called NEWSEUM Today's Front Pages

Tomorrow I will be putting in a Harper's Bazaar 1890's Magazine that has a pattern insert!  A most unusual pattern and no idea if it is just the Bazaar's bizarre (yuck yuck) idea of a pattern(s) or it was standard for the day.  It seems to have multiple patterns all lumped together.  Got to research that.  Does anyone know?  Heck here's a picture:  

Your help would be so appreciated!

A lovely customer contacted me to ask if I bought patterns and since I do she sold me some (sight unseen) 1970's to 1980's uncut Vogue patterns.  60 arrived yesterday and they are so wonderful - so a big thank you to Sylvia!  I'll be putting a few in every day starting next week.  This week's pics have already been scanned by hubby.

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