Monday, October 25, 2010

Simplicity 5549 Retro Closet Organizers 1973 that are as useful today!  About that date I had a bedroom that was lime green and lavender - really.  I can still picture the lavender walls, lime green & lavender bedspread, and lime green round throw rug on the floor.  Makes me yearn for those days - uh - except for the colors.
Another great Burda pattern with a blowing in the wind coat or jacket:  
 Burda 2948 Fluttery Jacket or Coat 2000's.  One of the fabrics recommended is crepe.  So don't even think this is a winter coat - it's strictly for show!
Kooky Hat of the Year or Maybe Even the Decade!  I mean who would wear this!  I guess if you had a teacup poodle you could put it in the top.  Any other ideas??


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