Thursday, October 7, 2010

SALE of 20% OFF STARTING MIDNIGHT tonight and going until late Sunday night is anything that features a misses' Jacket only pattern.  It also includes patterns which have a coat and a jacket as a package (there I go confusing you LOL).  My differentiation is that I have put a search code in the description that allows me to link to like items and that search code is JKONLY.  There was some confusion (due to me - grin) last sale that any pattern with the item was included, i.e. if a blouse was in a wardrobe pattern - sorry to not be clearer.  Here is a quick link to see ALL items that are on sale for 20% off:  Jacket Patterns and I will work on putting more in today so there is a bigger selection too!  Once you buy one of these patterns the rest of your order is included in the 20% off!  Your coupon code is JKONLY

McCall 8391 Enchanting Wrap Around Skirt 1951 which looks a little too modern for a 1951 woman IMO. 

Speaking of "modern" here's a great and very inexpensive Christmas or birthday gift idea - not just cute but useful too!  And it can be so personal!
Do you have any quick and inexpensive gift ideas to make?  Email me with the info and I'll include it.  We are all tightening out belts this year aren't we?

Those lovely Vogues that I got the other day - well I put a few in today and more tomorrow.  Those listings were already done but couldn't resist adding a few of the ones that really caught my eye.

Featured new:  Simplicity 2812 On Trend Coat & Jacket 2008 which is included in the jacket sale starting tomorrow!

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