Tuesday, January 4, 2011

3082 "Mongolian" Coat or Jacket & Pants 1972

McCall's 3082 "Mongolian" Coat or Jacket & Pants 1972 - that coat looks like it could have been worn by Genghis Khan (spelling?).  What a great looking coat - a nice "ethnic" fabric - maybe "quilted" would be awesome.

Do you get alot of emails from friends with wild stories that are supposedly true?  I get so many, especially political ones, that are blatantly untrue when researched.  I never forward anything of interest unless I research it at snopes.com The Urban Legend Reference Page which does the research for you. 

The featured new is one glorious beauty - Butterick 6408 Mystery Woman's Dress & Hooded Scarf 1999 a rare Retro '48 that brings to mind so many of the black and white 40's movies and movie stars.

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