Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vogue 7646 Dazzling Dress with Big Shaped Collar 1952

Good morning!  We are getting an early start today so a quickie with just the 20% off sale info and a couple of featured patterns.
We are off camping so a 20% off Sale for you Readers.  Use Coupon Code CAMPING during checkout and enjoy your shopping!  Sale ends Sunday night.  We are coming home Sunday so all paid orders ship on Monday or Tuesday.  If the weather stays in the mid-70's we may not come home - just kidding.
Vogue 7646 Dazzling Dress with Big Shaped Collar 1952.  Double-breasted with huge "shaped collar" - this makes my heart ache.  More 1950's Vogue Patterns


Featured new I just found the other day and truly these sock monkeys are so ugly they are cute!  Simplicity 9073 So Ugly They're Cute! Sock Monkey & Clothes 1999

I have a sock monkey sewing book I found but haven't had a chance to list yet but soon!

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