Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anne Adams 4089 Flirty Retro Wrap Dress 1940's

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Anne Adams 4089 Flirty Retro Wrap Dress 1940's with an offset button feature and flippy sleeves.  Anne Adams Patterns are so unique.

Featured new is Simplicity 2885 Attractive Dress with Sleeve Variations 2008 which though modern has a mod look to it.  I like it alot!  It's a Project Runway Pattern
Just recently had the worst experience on Ebay.  A seller listed three items as vintage 1930's items.  I buy them and when I get them - well they are from the 1980's and are reproductions.  I was furious and contacted the seller who said she doesn't give refunds.  This was stated in the fine print and she is standing firm.  I've filed a complaint with Paypal and Ebay and not sure how they are going to rule - with them it's hard to tell and they are such a pain!  But after 4 days hoping seller would relent with my filings I posted a negative for her and she flipped her wig.  Huh?  I'll give her another few days and post another then my last negative.  This is so flagrantly fraudulent.  Anyone else have problem sellers out there?

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Pattern Junkie said...

Ugh, that ebay experience sounds so frustrating! There's nothing wrong with repro patterns...except when they're presented as the real thing!

angie.a said...

I have pretty good luck as a rule but the past couple of months I've had some troubles on ebay and etsy both. One seller never shipped an item for weeks or responded to my emails, until I filed the paypal claim. And suddenly SURPRISE! My item arrive 3 days later.

Then another item/a different seller got shipped to the wrong person (not me). What made this one different was that the seller was very honest and told me exactly what happened. She tried to get the other person to send it back and they ignored her. I appreciated the honesty because heck, we all make mistakes, so I left her good feedback.

I also bought a couple of cheap, tacky pieces of so-called "vintage" jewelry items recently too (different sellers). I was really disappointed both times because I wanted them!

Ok I'll stop now, haha! Mostly I have good luck, I swear!

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

I'd say we should write a book about our horror experiences buying on the internet but it would be too huge and never-ending LOL