Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Simplicity 7174 Festive Hippie Dress or Top 1975

Simplicity 7174 Festive Hippie Dress or Top 1975 another of the 70's ones I got recently.  Having fun picking a few to put in every day.  This may top my list of favs.  How did someone not make this?  Who would have this in their pattern drawer and not rip it open and start cutting?  Well I thank them for not doing it so it is available like new today.


Featured New:  Butterick 6272 Waitress Worthy Skirt, Apron & Hip Bag 1999.  Is this fun or what!  Whether you're a waitress or florist or seamstress this skirt and bag are so useable.  I had this pattern some years ago and was lucky to find another one.

Are any of you readers selling on Ebay?  Have your own website where you sell?  Oh my gosh the new tax hoops we have to jump through are awful.  It's my fear that all these new regulations will force many of us small internet businesses out of business.  I worry too that Ebay will be devastated as far too many small sellers will be forced off.

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nancyc20 said...

I wore that in a wedding...we were all in different paisleys. It was beautiful!!

angie.a said...

My sister and I were thinking of opening a shop on etsy, and now we're both holding off because of the new tax requirement (the Paypal reporting thing, I'm sure there are more we didn't get researched yet!) It's awful how government seems bound and determined to force out small business in the US. Isn't it? For several years I had a little side business where I made little girls clothing, mostly my own (hand drafted) patterns but some vintage patterns too. Then we had the CPSIA in 2008 and I had to close that little shop on etsy because I knew I'd never be able to comply with all the testing requirements. I still miss it.

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

It is scary - by the end of the year we'll decide whether it's worth it or not to even have a business. How sad is that ...