Friday, January 28, 2011

Butterick 7649 Fashionista Dress & Coat Set / ca. 1956

Sale ongoing with 20% off and ends tonight at midnight!  If you buy any "Career" pattern you get the sale price off your entire order.  Put in coupon code CAREER at checkout for your discount.  Use this link to see all that fall under this sale category which includes suits, jumpers, dresses, and other professional looks:  Career Patterns

Butterick 7649 Fashionista Dress & Coat Set / ca. 1956 not a doubt in my mind about this being the featured pattern.  In researching it there was a mention about 2 years ago on Dressaday with Erin saying she was sorry she missed it - but then nothing. 

Thanks to you readers who shared your Ebay horror stories.  I've been lucky to only have a few bad experiences but of course they are so memorable - ugh.  Dishonesty just fries my cookies!  This lady in question is just not thinking - how could $10 be worth holding on to and risk 3 negatives?  Why would she risk losing sales?  I always check feedback and would walk away if I saw a fraudulent item had been sold.  Just don't get it!

Featured new is Simplicity 3688 Veronica Lake Blouse, Skirt, Pants & Jacket 2007 one of the 1940's Retro patterns put out by Simplicity.  It's a doozy.  IMO they can just keep these retro ones coming.

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