Thursday, January 6, 2011

Simplicity 2998 Overblouse, High Waisted Skirt & Pants / ca. 1959

Here is the sale info for tomorrow's 20% off sale: Buy any one Simplicity pattern and get the sale price off your entire order!  The sale will start at midnight and go thru all of Friday.  The coupon code is SIMPLE

Simplicity 2998 Overblouse, High Waisted Skirt & Pants / ca. 1959 and what a cute boxy overblouse.  At first I thought it was over a dress but the skirt is very high waisted.  And of course being the uber casual gal I picture that overblouse paired with a cute pair of jeans or shorts for a perfect hot summer day.  With the sale tomorrow of Simplicity Sewing Patterns I thought a Simplicity would work in

Thank you Chris for that huge box of patterns that you cleaned out of your sewing room!  So many fun crafting patterns that I look forward to listing so you crafters out there keep an eye out.  Craft Patterns - I'll put a few in every day.
Spring is coming soon and this featured new pattern is the perfect item for you gardeners or florists.  Simplicity 7481 Delightful Gardener's Apron 1997 just the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.  Makes me want to garden but then it wouldn't look as cute while potting cactus here in Arizona - grin.

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