Monday, January 24, 2011

Mail Order 4804 Side Tie "Tabard" Top & Pants 1970's

Mail Order 4804 Side Tie "Tabard" Top & Pants 1970's - just throw the pants away and make that top!  I'm getting pickier when I find patterns that are cut and usually just toss unless they are a unique style like this one.  It is cut but complete and definitely a keeper!  Could this double as a maternity top?  Maybe -

Pulled out that sock puppet sewing book and put it in:  Stupid Sock Creatures - Make Quirky Loveable Figures 2005 so if you have some old but cute socks don't throw them away - use them!
Featured New:  Vogue 1947 Cute as a Button Dress 1997 which is a size 12 to 16 but I have another one coming that is a size 6-10 so keep an eye out if this blows your skirt up but you need a smaller size.

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