Friday, February 18, 2011

Anne Adams 4535 Loose & Easy Shirt Chemise 1970's

THE SALE COMMENCED AT MIDNIGHT!  It goes until midnight tonite.  20% off ALL ORDERS just use coupon code SPRING4U during checkout.  Sale is only for you readers!

Anne Adams 4535 Loose & Easy Shirt Chemise 1970's and I love this one!  I may have to pull it and make it myself.  I swear - if someone doesn't buy it soon it's gonna be mine!

Short blog today I'm about to head out and meet my husband for lunch and I just got finished listing.  Pant pant pant.

Featured new is also a tempting one for me:  Simplicity 6589 Exquisite Summer Dress 2006 and oddly it is a rare one even though it's not that old.  So if it's striking your fancy grab it quick.

Quite a few very nice ones listed today - when I have trouble selecting patterns to feature I know it's a good day - smile.

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