Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anne Adams 4784 Summer Sensation Tops 1960's

FRIDAY 24 HOUR SALE STARTS AT MIDNIGHT TONITE! Buy Any Mail Order Pattern (this includes Anne Adams & Marian Martin) and get 20% off your ENTIRE ORDER.  Use coupon code MAIL at checkout for your discount.  Here is a link to ALL Mail Order Patterns

In keeping with tomorrow's sale here is a mail order delight:  Anne Adams 4784 Summer Sensation Tops 1960's - a Kim Novak Special!

Today's list is short but sweet.  Yesterday I went to the post office and then on to the local ATM to make a deposit and the dang thing said my PIN number was wrong.  Huh?  So had to drive "to town" 10 miles away to figure out WTH.  Seems it was just that ATM.  So while in town I hit the local thrifts and found almost 100 more pattern so it was worth it!  It was a good day.  But I didn't get my scanning done until early today.

While there I always browse the knick knacks and my oh my!  Someone had given up their collection of goodies and I snatched up these lovelies.  The doggie on the shoe is a Shawnee creation and the elf is not indicated but research online shows it is pretty rare.  They aren't in perfect condition but will make lovely additions in my display cabinet.  I love thrift stores!

Hands down this skirt pattern had to be my featured new one:  McCall's 5054 Gala Gypsy Skirt 2006 - am I right??!!  If you have some fiesta to go to this would be perfect.

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dhyana said...

Do you still have this pattern for sale ?

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Sorry no it sold - wish I had a dozen more it is so pretty!