Thursday, February 3, 2011

McCall's 4184 Square Dance or Fiesta Blouse, Skirt & Cummerbund 1957

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McCall's 4184 Square Dance or Fiesta Blouse, Skirt & Cummerbund 1957 and living so close to the Mexican border dang this makes me want some lengua tacos for lunch today.  Ole!

Sorry to post so late.  A few weeks ago started to have problems with my right eye with a big squiggly spot right in my vision.  Aggravating more than worrying as I'm used to "floaters" showing up now and again but this has hung around.  Called my eye doctor and they ordered me to come right in so off I went.  It is a large "floater" called a vitruous (sp?) detachment and "eventually" will shrink and drop.  It can't come too soon for me.  Very distracting.

While in town went to lunch with my husband and then hit the thrift stores and "Bonus"!  Someone had given up some wonderful 2000's patterns and they are some very nice styles.  Put a few in today.  Also found some nice 80's too.  Came home to some big boxes on my doorstep with some lots I had purchased and they didn't disappoint.  A few 1930's and lots of 40's and 50's.  I have to go thru must of them but put in a couple that were uncut or factory folded today but lots more to come.

Check out this nice blog site I found which sewing ideas:  It's called Making Do With Not So New and there's a great idea of what to do with old or not so old skirts - turn them into tops!  Just love it.  Will have me looking at thrift stores for fun skirts to convert.
Featured new is:  Simplicity 6789 Cheeky Dress, Halter Top, Skirt & Pants 2008 one of the Simplicity New Look patterns I found yesterday. 


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