Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Simplicity 4825 Glorious Set of Aprons / ca. 1943

Simplicity 4825 Glorious Set of Aprons / ca. 1943 hands down that heart shaped apron is the nicest apron I've ever seen!  Super rare pattern and factory folded.  I used the term "apronista" the other day and didn't want to be redundant but this one deserves that terminology too.

A number of super 1940's patterns put in today when I couldn't decide which ones to do when.  Gave up and scanned all I had pulled.

The Threads Magazine website has an interesting article about working with vintage patterns that has some great info for those of you who like to work with vintage patterns and the differences in today's patterns. Working with Vintage Patterns

Featured new for today is:  Vogue 1075 Tucked Shoulder Dress, Tunic & Skirt 1993 which I have two of so if one isn't in your size maybe the other is!

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