Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dolores of St. Paul 7025 Knockout "Bra Gown" 1969

Big finds on my shopping trip last Friday!  Got a stack of 1960's lingerie patterns from bras, panties, girdles, etc., and then there was this breathtaker:   Dolores of St. Paul 7025 Knockout "Bra Gown" 1969 and I am presuming that this is a nightgown or peignoir and not actually a "gown" or dress.  Am I wrong?  Oh who cares - just look at it!

Forgot to mention no listing or blog on Monday - okay here's the truth hee hee.  I forgot it was a holiday weekend and normally would have had a big sale but it just evaded my thought processes.  Monday was a snap decision to be lazy.

Featured new:  Kwik Sew 3794 Elastic Backed Pull On Skirt 2010 nothing fancy but sure versatile and useable for sure.  Kwik Sew are so handy because they cover all sizes and no one has to be disappointed that a cute pattern isn't in their size.

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