Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vogue 5804 Elegance Personified Dress / ca. 1963

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Vogue 5804 Elegance Personified Dress / ca. 1963 an amazing dress with a raised waist that is so classy.

Sorry to post so late.  My web guru emailed me 5 articles he is posting for me to check spelling and grammar and content.  Well I about ended up rewriting them this morning (they were due to be returned today) - guys don't know nuthin' about fashion and patterns!

An extra fun one listed today is:  Simplicity 5684 Animal Pillows + Transfers 1982 with some of the cutest stuffed animals I've seen.  I wouldn't bother to post but it's a scarce one and should go quickly and just in case wanted you to see it.

Featured new is:  Simplicity 4996 High Waisted Summer Dress 2000's since there are some small signs of spring here on the West Coast!

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