Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New York Pattern 663 Pretty Flap Pocket Skirt 1940's

New York Pattern 663 Pretty Flap Pocket Skirt 1940's nothing too fancy here just a pretty skirt.  Those flap pockets are so handy to stow a driver's license, credit card, cash, chapstick and a comb!  Then off shopping with free hands.

Always fussing with my hair - too many bad hair days lately.  Check Out Beauty is a Thing of the Past 
for some wonderful "retro" fashion tips like hair styles, makeup and lots of beauty tips.  This site very kindly puts in lots of pictures from old magazines with instructions you can read and use!  Very handy! 

For some time I've been meaning to add a catalog category which has been in but not featured at all so a link is on the home page now.  Some interesting store pattern catalogs which if you are looking to make a discontinued pattern wish list these are a great way to do research.

Featured new is another all sizes included yay! - Vogue 1101 Free Spirited Tunic & Dress 2009 with a bit of a "tented" look.  View B has a "chenille affect" on the sleeves - mmmmm and then those big deep pockets!

Off to the shower now to head out for shopping (pattern hunting of course) and then lunch with the husband!  Cool and windy here today so have to bundle up - all of you in the midst of that bad east coast storm stay warm and safe!

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