Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vogue 6943 White House Evening Dress with Underdress / ca. 1966

Vogue 6943 White House Evening Dress with Underdress / ca. 1966 my best find in the last week.  Saw it in a box of patterns and did a swan dive to beat out anyone else nearby.  Got it!  There are only 2 dress pieces cut with the rest uncut.  Tres' Magnifique' - and that hairdo on the blonde so Sixties'

Another short but sweet listing.  Had to take my old kitty Little Girl to the vet.  She and her brother are 15 1/2 and she's getting very arthritic.  She hobbles down the hallway and if she was human she's be saying - ow ow ow.  This cold weather is bad for all of us getting up there.  The vet took blood (her kidneys are perfect), did a full checkup and she's doing great except for her arthritis.  Now I give her prednisone three times a week and see how she does.  One mil. of cherry flavored (I didn't taste it but it smells like it) squirted in her mouth.  Oh this will be fun - I'll have to sneak up on her three days a week.
Do you have a beloved t-shirt you can't bear to part with?  But it's just so icky you don't want to wear it - here's a solution for you to keep it and use it!  Good Thing: T-Shirt Bag  This is a project from Martha Stewart's Website.
Featured new is one I think I've had before and it sold.  It looks so familiar.  McCall's 2575 Eye Candy Dress with Retro Styling 2000 which to me looks like an American Graffiti dress.


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