Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Simplicity 4083 Hit Parade Full Skirt / ca. 1952

Not rare, nothing extra special, just dang cute and a regular woman size to boot!  Simplicity 4083 Hit Parade Full Skirt / ca. 1952 at a waist size 30.  It has nice lines and those pockets a must - can they be enlarged?  Hmm that would make them even better and a more useful skirt too.

Also put in a 1920's pattern I acquired that is in very nice condition.  Butterick 2042 Lindy Hop Frock 1923 also in a woman's size!  It is a bust size 40.

A good friend from Kingman, AZ emailed me an interesting website called Prepared Society.  After a trip to the grocery store last night and seeing the prices of fresh produce and all the higher prices it got me extra concerned.  I've been concerned but reality is hitting home by hitting the pocket book.

With all the turmoil in the world and the very real spike in oil prices and it's rippling affect we can all expect higher prices at the grocery store not to mention all retail stores.  Prepared Society has some useful discussions and of course it can be a bit mind boggling with some extreme survival ideas and discussions but most is useful.  I'd say it's not a bad idea to be good Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts and "Be Prepared"

For the featured new:  Butterick 4326 Couch Potato Loungewear 2004 because it's still cold weather time and this looks warm!  Surprisingly it's rather scarce - must have been a winner!

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