Friday, April 22, 2011

Advance 3482 Fashion Maven Dress - Right Out of "Mad Men"! 1964

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Advance 3482 Fashion Maven Dress - Right Out of "Mad Men"! 1964
a rare pattern that I happened to find another of and bought it!  This is a Junior Miss one but check next week for a Misses' Size 14 Bust 34.

While shopping last week I came across 4 Elle magazines.  At 10 cents each I snagged them just to look thru.  There was a blurb in one about a 1960's model named Veruschka.  Do you remember her?  I did and recall she was so tall and exotic looking.  Here is a link to some of her modeling pictures (some are so spectacular you want to frame them and put them on a wall) if you remember her or are curious and I've included one of her pics that is so memorable to me:    

She was truly Iconic in the full sense of the word.

Featured new is:  Simplicity 6892 Flawless Country Blouse 2009 long or short sleeved and even sleeveless.

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