Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simplicity 4783 Cocktail Party Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1963

Special reader sale tomorrow!  Couldn't decide on a buy one get a discount so it will be a straight up 20% sale whatever you buy!  It starts at midnight tonite and ends midnight Friday.  Put in coupon code at checkout ANYTHING and thanks for reading and shopping!

Simplicity 4783 Cocktail Party Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1963 it the featured pattern today.  It's one of the hard to find plus size patterns with flair.  Slenderette Patterns were designed to slim out the plus size figure.

Being a news, politics, financial news fanatic the rising prices in gas is triggering rising prices everywhere and you know it from going to the grocery store.  An interesting article on GoldPrice about what is happening and forecasted for us.  When you go there scroll down for the article.  I urge you all to read it - information is the key!

A treasure trove of old patterns with NAMES on them lately making me happy.  I put in patterns today from Selma and also Minnie - how great is that name!

Featured new is - ta da!  Another Burda.  Couldn't resist this one:  Burda 7761 Radical Sleeveless Dress 2000's and I love it!

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